Strategic Objectives

We provide Professional Training & Consultation Services in the fields of:

Training & Consulting for Human Capital Strategy

At ACSI we believe that the development of Human capital is the substrate key to building any institution and the factor for its success, Human Capital practice addresses people issues across multiple industries, organizations, and functions.

In ACSI we bring along the experience of our entire broad-based consultancy, including our strategies & operations consulting practices. In short, we have the depth and breadth of experience the tackle the toughest, most complex human capital issues, and then deliver through leading execution. Ultimately, it's our mission to enhance an organization's value through its people. Our Human Capital practice has deep industry experience and broad service capabilities to assist clients in improving their most precious asset, their people. ADHRT will assist your Human Capital through:

  • The development of competence and qualifications for all leadership positions, supervisory and executive
  • Preparation and development of strategic plans for human resources
  • The application of knowledge management systems for business environments
  • Assembling a talented and integrated team of both broad-based and specialized
  • Fostering an environment of innovation
  • Preparation and development of organizational structures, policies, and administrative and financial procedures

Training & Consulting for Employee Benefit Plan Audit

ACSI is positioned to help the private and public agencies to meet the employee benefit plan audit objectives. At ADHRT, we will support your organization with experienced and qualified professionals who actively monitor the laws that relate to retirement plans, and will keep you informed of their impact so that you remain in compliance with regulations.

At ACSI we are committed to providing valuable and outstanding consulting services. Our emphasis is to ensure that your plans are being served by qualified consultant professionals who cannot only provide the compliance audit services that you require, but can also make recommendations and assist you in improving the plan. We accomplish this by having active involvement by experienced employee benefit plan auditors during all stages of the engagement.

Training & Consulting in Knowledge Management

ACSI consultants believe that Knowledge Management (KM) is not only about storing document; it is about increasing people skills and improves the work efficiency. Through our training plans & seminars we can help to assess your needs, provide a solution and help the organizations to implement the Knowledge Management sup-port required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of professional work teams, and provide world class services.

ACSI offer end-to-end Knowledge Management consulting and information Management Training Solutions, from initial strategy and road mapping, design, implementation.

    Our Knowledge Management Consulting Services include:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Personalized Solution Definition
  • Implementation Plans

Training & Consulting in Business Performance Management Analytics

Al Ain Campus is the expert in developing the processes and building the skills for effective performance management. If you are genuinely looking for performance improvements from the behaviours of your people, then you are in the right place because Al Ain Campus is a management consulting team that helps leading companies and institutions in all sectors to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance management.

Al Ain Campus helping your organization in controlling and analysing the performance management through:

  • Appraisal System Design
  • Competency Development
  • 360o Feedback Processes
  • Balanced Scorecard Development
  • Assessment Centres

For keeping up the modern tools that our consultant use, Al Ain Campus consultants ant trainers team have the extensive experience in developing assessment centres that allow management to observe performance under a controlled set of circumstances, they are helping the employees to become a professional assessors inside the internal work environment.

Training & Consulting for Industrial Sectors

Al Ain Campus trains and helps consulting industrial firms in provide a broad range of consulting and training services for their industrial projects, from defining strategies to implementing large scale management leading. And from coaching individuals and teams to provide expert advice in specialized fields.

Training & Consulting in Marketing & Sales

Al Ain Campus helps clients to develop comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for growth. We help senior executives understand what sales and marketing initiatives are working, and which ones are falling flat, by providing deeper training tools to understanding of their customers, and the strategies to build bigger and more profitable relationships with them.

    Al Ain Campus consulting provides wide Modern Marketing & Sales Services that include:
  • Brand Strategy and Brand Management
  • Development of Customer Relationships Management Strategies
  • Development of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programs
  • After-sales Strategies and Service Portfolio Definition
  • Pricing Strategies and Pricing Systems for Product Lines
  • Product Planning and Cycle Management
  • Launch Management and Go-to-market Strategies
  • Sales Planning, including Market Forecast and Volume Modelling
  • Market Channel Assessments
  • Sales Force Benchmarking and Training
  • E-Marketing and International Markets

Training & Consulting in Business Problem-Solving

All types of organizations and business units recognize the value of analysing Business problems and translating them into the right solutions as a key to getting the right work done. This is the core of business problem solving technique that Al Ain Campus uses, aside from that, our specialized consultants use a systematic modern training process for solving the business issues like:

  • Constructive Controversy
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FEMA)
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • The Straw Man Concept
  • Coaching Monitors

Training & Consulting for International Finance

Al Ain Campus utilize a wide range of analytical tools to effectively evaluate the financial market conditions and design recommendations that are informed by international Finance standards and best practices for understandings the regional financial markets indicators. Our consultants and trainers are adept at utilizing quantitative and qualitative data collection tools to inform the financial institutions about the right trends they need to avoid the market and financial crisis, while recognizing the unique national or local circumstances in which a particular institution operates.

We are ready to support your organization in international Training & Consultation Services that are:

  • Training in International Best Practices in Development Bank operations
  • Institutional Analysis of Organizations to Develop and Enhance Governance and Risk Management Systems
  • Training for Designing Catalytic Financial Products
  • Analysing the Stock Markets and Directing Shares

Training & Consulting for the Industries Safety

Today’s work environment is not secure enough without having a specific procedure to follow and apply, so Al Ain Campus work directly with the Health & Safety coordinator to implement new policies and procedures, work with the all Health & Safety Departments to ensure it is functioning effectively, beside the help to ensure timeliness of Completion of tasks, and clarify any information’s or questions they may have along the way.

Our consultant Team can come into your workplace and assist in the following areas:

  • Safety Program Development for Heavy Industry
  • Compliance with Applicable Regulations and Standards
  • IOSH Certification Preparation
  • IOSH Certification Preparation
  • Identifying Safety Training Requirements
  • Training Stimulations for Safety Tools
  • Hazards Recognition and Control
  • Construction Safety and Health Programs

Training & Consulting in Leadership Development

At Al Ain Campus we collaborate with organizations to create Leadership Development Solution that will improve the evaluation and change outputs. We do this by anchoring and aligning organization’s strategy, mission, culture, and purpose. But we also put equal weight on personal, team and organizational development prompting progress and momentum on all levels. The benefits of having an effective Leadership Development Training and Consultancy drives Business performance and improves company valuation by developing a bench of strategically beside meeting a critical business challenges, and sure helps the organization develop the next generation of leaders at all levels of the organizations.

    A selection of our services in the Leadership Development includes:
  • Training for Executive Development
  • High-Potential and Pivotal Leader Development Camps
  • Enterprise Leadership Development
  • Development Coaching and Training


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