What it takes it to be a mentor?

Commit to help students pursue their higher studies

Give pastoral support for the learners

Curriculum assistance

Project Management

Track students career progression

How will you Succeed?

Al Ain Institute Provides the following tools and resources to set you up for success

Every mentoring pair is assigned to the regional Program Manager to ensure that mentors and students connects frequently. Al Ain Institute matches pairs based on mentor profiles and student profiles, and Al Ain Institute provide expert advice on how to build a strong mentoring relationship. Our staff also provides curriculum assistance and project management support.
Our program guides each mentoring pair toward a strong relationship, built on trust and honesty. The online curriculum, paired with in-person interactions between mentors and students, helps everyone work consistently toward the goals of pursuing higher education enrolment, and ultimately graduation. Each lesson focuses on helping students develop the soft skills necessary to navigate personal and academic challenges.
Al Ain Institute uses technology tools to enhance personal relationships. Our online mentoring platform allows mentors and students to connect securely using mobile applications that guide them through the curriculum and help them stay in touch. We also provide access to our Learning Management System, where mentors find helpful articles, resources, and guidance.

Procedure to become a Mentor


Flexible Working hours

Regular fixed income

Attractive Incentive

Free Training on UK education system

Respect & Recognition


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Every student deserves a champion and Al Ain Institute is committed to pairing thousands of students each year with the mentor they deserve. Every mentor that you help us recruit amplifies our impact and allows us to serve one more student.

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